Beyond MEdicine


Although I have both broad and deep experience in writing about health, medicine, and science, my writing covers other areas as well. For magazines, newspapers, and Web sites, I’ve written about everything from Vespa motorcycles and Salma Hayek’s breastfeeding advocacy to travel for people with disabilities and the history of the Final Four. I’ve interviewed celebrities ranging from Al Roker and Martha Stewart to Ashley Judd, Mary-Louise Parker, and the Supernanny. 

So even if the writing you need doesn’t feature doctors, scientists, MRIs, exam tables, or test tubes, I can still help you! If you want writing that combines a friendly, personal voice with strong research and powerful facts—all turned in with a meticulous attention to deadline and detail—then call me.  

Some examples include:

Endorsements And 

Mary-Louise Parker on Momhood and Marijuana, a cover feature for WebMD the Magazine, June 2009.

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Publications for ProfessionalsPublications_For_Professionals.html

This Is What Adoption Feels Like, a multi-part feature about adoption for Redbook that included a personal essay, service sidebars, and four families’ stories. 

Salma Hayek: Mom on a Mission, a cover feature for WebMD the Magazine.  

Ashley Judd: Global AIDS Activist, another WebMD cover feature. 

Bargains Are Beginning to Appear for the Disabled Traveler, Budget Travel, January 2003 (archived online by All About Multiple Sclerosis).